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Angel life has helped promote heathy and

prosperous society by introducing its revolutionary angel juicer over the past decade.

Angelia 8500S, Angelia 7500, Angelia 5500 - 3 Steps

The Angelia series is made of SUS 304 and SUS 316,

antibacterial stainless steel.

Angelia utilizes the three-step

squeezing system, a patent of Angel,

extracting juice even further no other juicers can.

- CornType Twingear juicer

- Multistep Extraction

- Easy to clean

Commercial Line

Commercial Line


Save time and cost with

Angel's commercial juicers!

Utilising the same twin gear technique used in

Angelia series, Angel Co.,Ltd.

Provides businesses with

cost-effective solutions at an affordable price!  

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